Timbre of a nighttime wing,
Thrumming waves that sing,
Moonlight dust drifting down,
Echoes bumping, crown on crown.

Sing Selene, sing your silver song,
Your lapping ripples always ever strong,
Call your maidens, weave your lace,
Silky vestments deceptively tight in place.

They will rape you yet on your virgin…

He cries.

Foggy drops of liquid agony,
Squeezed from tear filled eye,
Fall into rivers of apathy,
Where broken hearts go to die.

He cries his tears of silent secret pain,
Gasping for his love, the one that fled,
Calmly he opens each and every vein,
Pumping life’s ochre until he is dead.

He struggles pupils pinpricked in the light,
Memory fast, light faster, only pain as fleet,
No ochre weeps as it did deep in dark night,
His heart what remains, still beats a steady beat.

You were the flower of his heart,
He loved you more than air,
Now you’re separate and apart,
A pain he hates to bear.

Each night he suffers at your hand,
You chose to take a selfish path,
He wants to flee this lonely land,
Still he feels your craven wrath…

Of blue remembered Earth so oft forgot, they dream,
of azure skies, of babbling brooks, of every little running stream,
they shake their heads, they rub their eyes, they breathe the fetid poisoned air,
but their hearts, but their minds, sing their souls of nought a world so fair.


The Sum of All Knowledge At Our Fingertips

I love the internet age. I Google, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Quora, Pinterest and Facebook as much as any Millennial despite technically being a silver surfer ( i.e. my beard is gray ). That so much information is instantly and freely available is wonderful and reassuring. The Internet has become an…

I’m fairly sure I am going to get badly flamed regarding the opinions voiced below, but I feel compelled to publish them nonetheless.

Does the Massive View Controller problem actually exist ?

This is an interesting question. I primarily develop for iOS in my professional capacity, and for macOS in my private capacity, consequently I read a large number…

X10 and how it scarred me.

I was thrilled when Apple announced HomeKit, home automation is something I have been patiently and unsuccessfully trying my hand at for almost twenty years. When, many years ago, I first looked into home automation, the tech of the day was something called X10.

X10 was a really clever idea…

Vince Coetzee

Apple Bigot of note. Dylan, LISP, Smalltalk and Swift fan. Passionate about software architecture, coding and design patterns. Science fiction fan and Trekkie.

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